Shipping Protection

At Kibiwa, the secure transportation of your consolidated goods is our top priority. We understand that every item you send represents an investment, and that’s why we offer a robust shipment protection plan designed to minimize your worries.

Your Protection Starts Here: Our Base-Level Coverage

Automatic Insurance for Shipping Only: Rest assured knowing that all of your Shipping Only orders are automatically insured for up to $100 in value. This provides a strong foundation of protection against unexpected loss or damage while your goods are in transit.

Tailored Protection: Upgrading Your Coverage

  • Simple and Flexible: When the value of your shipment exceeds $100, you have the option to tailor your protection with additional insurance. Just reach out to our dedicated customer care team at [email protected] to swiftly arrange the coverage you need.
  • Affordable Peace of Mind: We keep your costs in mind. Additional insurance is calculated at only 5% of your shipment’s value, with a minimum charge of $5.00. This means you only pay for the precise level of protection that suits your shipment.

Understanding Exclusions: Safety and Responsibility

To maintain the highest safety standards and keep insurance costs accessible, there are specific item types we’re unable to insure:

  • Prohibited Items: Our commitment to safety means that items listed on our Prohibited Items list cannot be insured. Please review this list carefully.
  • Fragile Goods: Highly breakable items such as glass, ceramics, porcelain, and stoneware carry an increased risk of damage.
  • Liquids & Items Prone to Melting: Liquids (including fragrances and lotions) and items susceptible to melting during transit are excluded for safety reasons.

Why Do These Exclusions Exist?

  • Prioritizing Safety: Our priority is ensuring the safe transport of all shipments, minimizing risks to your items and other goods in transit.
  • Maintaining Cost-Effectiveness: By excluding particularly high-risk items, we can provide affordable insurance options to the majority of our customers.

Protecting Your Excluded Items: Alternative Solutions

  • Seller Responsibility: When purchasing fragile, liquid, or meltable goods, always inquire about insurance options offered directly by the seller.
  • Specialized Shipping: For highly sensitive items, consider carriers specializing in transporting fragile goods or those offering temperature-controlled environments.

The Kibiwa Promise: Transparency and Care

We’re devoted to delivering your shipments in perfect condition. Here’s how we fulfill that promise:

  • Secure Handling: Our teams prioritize careful packing and handling practices to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Trusted Shipping Partners: We work with reliable shipping companies to ensure the safe and timely arrival of your items.
  • Insurance When You Need It: Our insurance plans provide a financial safety net in the rare event of loss or damage.

Have a Question? We’re Here to Help!

If you have any questions about our shipment protection, need assistance valuing your shipment, or want to explore insurance options, our friendly customer care team is ready to help. Contact us at [email protected]