Kibiwa provides a comprehensive range of freight and logistics services, including Air Freight, Sea Freight, Ground Freight, Car Hire, Online Purchase, Buy for Me, and Local Delivery. We specialize in ensuring efficient and secure transportation solutions for your cargo.

To place an order, submit your instructions in writing, including details such as the kind of merchandise, value, packaging, addresses, delivery location, and any specific instructions for shipment. Verbal orders must be confirmed in writing, fax, or email.

Kibiwa acts as the agent of the customer for arranging transportation services, filing export and security documentation, and related duties. The company operates as an independent contractor for all other services.

Yes, Kibiwa may deem a shipment unacceptable if it violates customs regulations, contains prohibited items, has an incorrect address, defective packaging, or if it is determined to be unsafe or illegal.

In the event of disputes, Kibiwa promotes resolution through negotiation and, if necessary, arbitration. The laws governing such disputes will be those of the jurisdiction in which the dispute arises.

While Kibiwa takes precautions for safe transportation, clients are encouraged to consider additional insurance coverage for valuable or delicate items. Kibiwa’s liability is limited to the terms and conditions specified in individual service agreements.

Kibiwa does not bear responsibility for the quality or legitimacy of goods purchased through unauthorized sellers. The shipper is responsible for vetting sellers, and any indemnification due to issues with the procured goods lies with the shipper.

The return policy covers scenarios such as wrong item delivered, correct item delivered, returning products for warranty/repair, used or refurbished items, eBay sellers, and unauthorized dealers. It is essential to review and understand the specific conditions outlined in the return policy.

Smart Packaging with Kibiwa involves cost-effective and environmentally conscious practices, including the secure consolidation and repackaging of goods, recycling of boxes, and customizable shipping preferences using the Shipping Only Tool.

The delivery timeframe for orders shipped from Turkey, China, and UAE to Uganda is typically within 7 to 15 business days by air freight and 35 – 45 days by ocean freight. Specific details for air, ocean, and ground freight can be provided upon request.

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