Kibiwa LOGISTICS Limited

Kibiwa Logistics Limited is legally registered as a limited private company with the Registrar of Companies-focused towards rendering world-class business solutions to both public and private sector in Uganda and even beyond.

The company’s operations include but are not limited to:  Freight Forwarding, Transport of Merchandise (all kinds of goods), ground freight, and passenger car hire.

Our obligation is to ensure that quality services are provided at the right time and to the right beneficiaries/ clients.

The company philosophy is, “Quality supplies and services to our clients”. The services we offer are our benchmark, inspiration and deep-rooted cause for us to work when clients entrust us with responsibilities to work on/ deliver their items or guests to different destinations within/outside the country with or without their field staff.

Kibiwa Logistics Limited is a professional freight forwarding company that offers smart and sustainable cargo solutions in Uganda. We deal in different modes of logistics services including ocean, air, and road moving & packing to Custom Clearance and take care of your cargo from starting point to final destination. 

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