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Our air freight to  service rate to Uganda is between $12 –  $15/KG based on the actual or volumetric weight of the package – whichever is higher. The minimum charge is $12.

What makes our air shipping service different?

Excellent Visibility

Stay informed at every step with our robust shipment management platform, providing detailed insights into every package and its contents.

Real-time Tracking

Receive live updates as your packages reach our warehouses in UAE, China, or Turkey, and track their journey to destinations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Verification Process

Prior to shipping, we meticulously verify your shipment, promptly reporting any anomalies. This ensures the integrity and accuracy of your items during transit.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Acquire Your UAE, China, TurkeyAddress

Sign up and create your account to secure a dedicated shipping address in UAE, China, or Turkey. This personalized address serves as the destination for your purchased items.

Step 2:

Commence Shopping

Explore a wide array of stores in UAE, China, or Turkey to find the products you desire. When making your purchases, use the provided UAE, China, or Turkey shipping address. Additionally, share the tracking information associated with your orders.

Step 3:

Settle Shipping Costs

After completing your shopping, you will receive an invoice detailing the shipping costs. Make the necessary payment to proceed with the shipping process.

Step 4:

Dispatch and Delivery

Once payment is received, our logistics team swings into action. We organize the air freight from UAE, China, or Turkey to Uganda. Expect your package to be delivered to the specified destination within 7 -15 days by air freight.

How do we calculate your shipping costs?

We determine shipping costs based on the higher of the actual or volumetric weight of the package. Here’s an example to illustrate the calculation:

Actual Weight

Package’s actual weight is 15 Kg.

Volumetric Weight Calculation

Package dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 12 cm. x 10cm x 8 cm

Volumetric Weight = (12 x 10 x 8) / 6000 = 2.60 Kg.


Actual Weight = 15 Kg

Volumetric Weight = 12 Kg

Determination of Shipping Cost

As the actual weight (15 Kg) is higher than the volumetric weight (12 Kg), we use the actual weight for cost calculation.

Cost Calculation

Cost of shipping = Actual Weight x Cost per Kg

Cost of shipping = 15 Kg x $15/Kg = $225

Packaging Excellence

We prioritize the meticulous packaging of your orders, ensuring both efficiency and compliance with the highest standards. Here’s how we handle your goods:

Efficient Packaging

We employ strategic packaging methods to optimize space and enhance the safety of your items during transit. Our team is experienced in consolidating goods received from various vendors into the fewest packages possible.

Adherence to Protocols

While we aim to consolidate items, certain packaging protocols must be observed, especially in alignment with airline guidelines. We reserve the right to package goods in a manner that ensures compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Environmental Consciousness

To promote sustainability, we actively recycle and reuse boxes, contributing to cost savings and environmental responsibility. In case your order arrives at our warehouse in a compromised box, we automatically switch to a different box for secure shipping.

Customized Packaging Options

Our Shipping Only Tool allows you to instruct us on whether to consolidate packages or ship them individually, providing flexibility based on your preferences.

We take pride in our commitment to secure, eco-friendly, and adaptable packaging solutions, ensuring your orders reach their destination in optimal condition.

Delivery Timeline

Invoicing Details

Once your order is ready for shipment, an invoice will be generated and sent to you via email. This invoice will detail the items ordered, their prices, any applicable taxes or fees, and the total amount due.

Payment Instructions

Please ensure that full payment is made before the designated cut-off time to guarantee inclusion in the upcoming shipment. Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit card, or any other agreed-upon method.

Shipping Schedule

Shipments from our facilities in the UAE, China, and Turkey to Uganda are dispatched weekly, specifically every Wednesday. Your order will be included in the next available shipment after payment confirmation.

Payment Cut-Off

To ensure timely processing and inclusion in the upcoming shipment, the cut-off time for payments is every Monday at 11 AM local time. Payments received after this deadline will be scheduled for the following week's shipment.

Expected Arrival

Upon receipt of payment and dispatch of your order, you can anticipate delivery within 7 to 15 business days. Please note that this timeframe may vary depending on customs clearance procedures and any unforeseen logistical delays.

Shipment Protection

Safeguarding your shipments is our top priority. Our Shipping Only service includes complimentary insurance covering up to $100 of your shipment’s value. For added peace of mind, if your shipment exceeds this value, you have the option to request additional insurance at a cost of 5% of the shipment’s value, with a minimum charge of $5.00.

To initiate this request, simply email us at It’s essential to note that certain items, such as those in our prohibited list, fragile goods, and liquids, are excluded from coverage. This comprehensive approach ensures the security and protection of your shipments throughout their journey.

Prohibited Items

We adhere to specific regulations that govern the shipment of goods, and there is a list of prohibited items that we cannot ship. To ensure compliance, please refer to the complete list of prohibited items. If you’re uncertain about the eligibility of a particular item for shipping, we recommend reaching out to us via email before sending it to our U.S. address.

In cases where an item needs to be returned or directed to a different location, we can assist you with this process at your expense. It’s important to note that the transportation of fragile goods, including those made of glass, ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, or stoneware, is at your own risk.

This also applies to items containing liquids or those prone to leakage or melting during transit. Distinctions exist in the prohibited items list between our Buy & Ship service and our Shipping Only service, and some items may be shipped under specific conditions with our Buy & Ship service. For any clarifications or inquiries, feel free to contact us via email.

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