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Our estimator provides preliminary costs. For an official quote, you’ll be charged for the item upfront.

Key Benefits

Zero Risk of Online Credit Card Fraud

Experience worry-free transactions as we handle all online shopping and transactions on your behalf. Our secure process ensures zero exposure to credit card fraud risks.

Transparent and Detailed Invoicing

Enjoy clarity in your financial dealings with our transparent and detailed invoicing system. Every item in your order is meticulously outlined in the invoice, providing a comprehensive overview.

Order Inspection for Accuracy

We prioritize precision by inspecting your order thoroughly. Our team ensures that all items are present and meet the specified specifications before proceeding with the shipping process.

Automatic Shipment Protection

Your order is safeguarded against loss or damage, with automatic shipment protection covering 100% of its value. This additional layer of security comes at no extra cost to you, providing peace of mind.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Create an Account:

Begin your seamless experience by signing up with us. Click on “Get Started” and complete the registration process. Within minutes, you’ll have your account ready to go.

Step 2:

Request a Quote

Once your account is set up, create an order and provide details of the items you desire. Shortly after, you will receive an invoice detailing the cost of your purchases.

Step 3:

We Purchase Your Order

Upon receiving your payment, our dedicated shopping team swings into action. We place your order, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, and provide you with a delivery timeline.

Step 4:

We Ship and Deliver

Your order is dispatched promptly, and upon arrival in Uganda, we invoice you for the shipping cost. Expect delivery within 7 to 15 business days by air freight and 35 – 45 days by ocean freight.

Detailed Pricing Breakdown

The breakdown of costs for our Buy & Ship service is designed to offer complete transparency and clarity throughout the process:

Cost of Items

Direct payment to the seller for the selected items you wish to purchase.

Total Service Cost (10% of Total Cost of Items)

A facilitation fee to Kibiwa, covering service handling, U.S. sales taxes, and shipment protection.

Total Shipping Cost ($15/KG)

Transportation expenses from UAE, China, and Turkey to Uganda either the actual or volumetric weight (whichever is higher).

Local Shipping (if applicable)

The online seller charges an additional fee for shipping within UAE, China, and Turkey.

Door Delivery Cost

The charge for delivering your order from our offices to your specified location in Uganda.

Customs Clearance

Calculated as a percentage of the Total Service Cost + Total Shipping Cost to comply with tax regulations.

This detailed pricing breakdown ensures complete transparency, allowing you to have a clear overview of the associated costs and reinforcing our commitment to providing straightforward and honest services.

Payment Schedule

For Buy & Ship orders, the payment process is divided into two separate transactions. 

First Payment

Upon placing an order, you are required to make the first payment covering the Cost of Items, Total Service Cost, and customs clearance of the total service cost.

Second Payment

Once your order reaches our offices we will determine the total shipping cost based on the actual or volumetric weight. The second payment will include the Total Shipping Cost and Customs Clearance of the total shipping cost.

Should you have any inquiries or need further clarification regarding our pricing breakdown, feel free to contact us at We are here to assist you.

Buy & Ship Delivery Timeline

The Buy & Ship delivery timeline typically spans 7 -15 days by air freight and 35 – 45 days by ocean freight, encompassing the entire process from purchase to doorstep delivery.

While the majority of orders fall within this timeframe, items requiring at least two weeks for delivery to our UAE, China, Turkey Warehouse from the seller may extend the delivery period to a maximum of 25 business days.

Rest assured, our dedicated team ensures a swift and efficient process to bring your purchased items to your doorstep within the specified timeline.

How We Package Your Orders

In our commitment to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your goods, we take extra measures when packaging your orders. Our team goes the extra mile to optimize the packaging process, reserving the flexibility to package items as deemed most suitable. While adhering to specific packaging protocols, we strive to consolidate all items within your order efficiently. 

However, it’s important to note that in certain instances, we may be unable to combine all items into a single box, especially when such consolidation contradicts packaging guidelines provided by the airlines. Embracing sustainability, we actively recycle and reuse boxes to minimize costs and maintain environmental consciousness. 

Should your order arrive at our UAE, China, Turkey warehouse in a torn or damaged box, rest assured that we will automatically employ an alternative box for shipping, ensuring the continued integrity of your items.

Shipment Protection

Securing your shipment is our priority, and our Shipping Only service offers complimentary insurance covering up to $100 in value. For added protection, if the value of your shipment exceeds $100, simply reach out to us at to request additional insurance. The cost of this additional insurance is calculated at 5% of the shipment’s value, with a minimum insurance charge of $5.00.

This insurance serves as a safeguard against loss during transit, providing you peace of mind. It’s crucial to note that certain items are excluded from our shipment protection coverage. Goods listed in our prohibited items, fragile items made of glass, ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, or stoneware, as well as liquids (including fragrances and lotions), are not covered. Similarly, we do not provide protection for items that may leak or melt during transit.

Your satisfaction and the safety of your shipments are paramount to us, and our insurance options are designed to cater to your specific needs while adhering to safety guidelines and regulations.

Return Policy

Before proceeding with your order, we strongly recommend reviewing our Return Policy to ensure a clear understanding of our terms. Given the inherent risks associated with the purchase of used or refurbished goods, items from eBay sellers, or those obtained from unauthorized dealers, please note that we do not entertain returns for such purchases under any circumstances. 

The detailed terms and conditions of our return policy can be found here for your reference. As part of the order placement process, you will be prompted to acknowledge and agree to our Return Policy, emphasizing the importance of familiarizing yourself with these guidelines before finalizing your purchase.

Prohibited Items

Certain items are restricted from shipping due to regulatory constraints. To ensure compliance, we maintain a comprehensive list of prohibited items that cannot be shipped. Please click here to review the complete list of items that fall under this category. If you are uncertain about the eligibility of a specific item for shipping, we encourage you to contact us via email before sending it to our UAE, China, Turkey address. In scenarios where an item needs to be returned or redirected to an alternative location, we can facilitate this process for you, with the associated costs borne by you.

It’s important to note that fragile items crafted from materials such as glass, ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, or stoneware are shipped at your own risk. This risk extends to goods containing liquids or those susceptible to leakage or melting during transit. Distinctions exist in the list of prohibited items between our Buy & Ship service and our Shipping Only service. Some prohibited items may be eligible for shipping under our Buy & Ship service, subject to specific conditions. For any clarifications on this matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email.

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