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Our professional school cleaning services ensure high levels of hygiene and health and safety are maintained in your education facility. Here’s how we raise your standards.

We provide high-quality commercial cleaning, hygiene and facilities services with people who value a clean environment at a tailored price. Our excellent cleaning and customer services give organisations in a range of sectors a platform to impress and the power to grow their business with happier, healthier teams.

School Cleaning Services

Health and safety in your school always comes first. At Mrs Buckét, we understand that your facility requires a certain level of expertise and quality to maintain health and safety and hygiene standards to protect staff and students from cross-contamination, and to safeguard your facilities.

Our commercial cleaning experience spans across nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and independent schools in the UK.

Not only do we provide daily school cleaning, but we also offer deep cleaning for schools, including disinfection and decontamination services, and hygiene audits to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained throughout the school. We also offer consumable replenishment to ensure you are never caught short.

In addition to our commercial cleaning for schools, we deliver a broad range of facilities, such as keyholdingsecurity and landscaping, to make sure your education facility is safe and secure when you’re not there.

Why you need a professional school cleaning service

Your education facility needs to be a safe and clean environment for students and teachers to thrive in, but we know that keeping on top of cleaning classrooms, corridors, toilets and canteens is a challenge, and getting a contract for professional education cleaning services can help ensure you stay on top of it.

Germs thrive in a high-paced environment with a large footfall, increasing the risk of contamination and germs spreading. An experienced school cleaning service will support you in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and help to reduce the risk of sickness.

When parents/guardians come to visit your nursery, school or college, it’s important that they get the best impression of you. Relying on a cleaning company who are experienced in delivering commercial cleaning for schools will make sure your facilities are always looking their best and will help to raise your standards.

Why trust Mrs Buckét to manage your school cleaning

We know that making a great first impression on your future students, their families and the faculty counts, which is why we invest heavily in our team and technology to ensure we deliver the best results possible.
We’re strict about who we employ. Our employees from our school cleaning team have to meet industry expectations and obtain the right accreditations to work for Mrs Buckét, and to clean your education facility. Our cleaners are enhanced DBS checked.
We understand that each school is unique and has its own budget challenges. We will take a full assessment of your site and provide a bespoke school cleaning package that’s tailored to your needs and budget.

Book our school cleaning service

Our school cleaning service is available for clients who have a commercial contract with us. As part of your commercial contract, we offer one-off carpet cleaning appointment, or a pre-planned maintenance programme.

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