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We are proud to be Uganda’s first premier mobile car detailing service. Whether you drive a minivan, an exotic vehicle, or anything in between, we bring the car wash to you!

Our innovative service is what sets us apart from the rest. Unlike a traditional car wash, we truly do it all – from salt and dirt removal to carpet and seat shampoos, washing and waxing, clay bar treatment, and more. We take pride in being eco-friendly, using the power of steam to make your vehicle cleaner than ever while using as little as one gallon of water.

What are the steps to a good auto detailing work?

In an auto detailing process, there are two phases: exterior detailing and interior detailing.

Exterior car detailing

When detailing your car, we start with an in-depth exterior wash to get rid of as much dirt as we can. We allow soap to foam making dirt and mud to soften and lift off the surface. Using special brushes as well as wheel cleaning products, our detailer will take off the entire dust and filth from your vehicle’s wheels, callipers, brake, lug nuts, and other areas. The wheels tend to be the dirtiest area of the car. After we clean the wheels, we work on the paintwork to wash it and dry from the top to bottom with mitts and a soft microfiber cleaning towel or cloth.

We also clay the paintwork using an automotive clay bar to help remove tightly bonded dirt on the surface of the car. If needed, we polish the paint to get rid of light scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. Also, we wax the pain to offer an additional protective layer with high-quality paste wax. After waxing, you will notice a great shine similar to how the car looked like when you first drop it from the showroom.

We also work on the remaining exterior parks including the windows and rubber parts. We polish and expertly clean the areas, adding the finishing touches within all corners of your car’s exterior trim and body to make it sparkle and shine. 

Interior car detailing

We vacuum and upholstery inside your car and shampoo it to get rid of dirt and stains. If your car has leatherwork, we condition and scrub to remove dirt that may be deeply ingrained. Vinyl and plastics are also thoroughly cleaned and dressed. We work on the interior glass to ensure it’s clean and well polished.

Optional step- Cleaning the engine bay

Although an important step, many people don’t take it seriously when it comes to cleaning the car’s engine bay area. The reason is that many people don’t care about what their vehicle looks like under the hood. They also think that only mechanics need to work on any areas under there. However, this shouldn’t be so – you need to always consider cleaning the engine bay. Having a clean engine bay makes it easier to identify any potential engine problems faster.

You will realise that mechanics like working in clean engine bay areas. So if you keep the bay of the engine clean, you make the work of the mechanic a lot easier. Also, a clean engine bay gives a big impression to potential buyers of your car, if you are planning to sell it. It shows how properly your car has been maintained over the years. At Jim’s Automobile Detailing, we clean the engine by using sprays and wiping it down using a degreaser before we rinse everything clean. After drying, we dress all plastic, silicone, and rubber components to protect them from things like cracking.

How it works

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On-demand Car Detailing

On-demand Car Detailing at Shiny, we specialize in mobile car washing and auto detailing, leaving your car is sparkling clean inside and out. We come to you, bringing all the equipment, water, and electricity needed to deep clean every inch of your vehicle. Plus, our products are eco-friendly, along with using up to 90% less water than a traditional or DIY car wash!

Corporate Detailing

Car Detailing For Your Employees

Your employees work hard for you every day – but as you certainly know, working a 9-5 job means that it’s very difficult to find time to properly maintain a vehicle over the course of the week. We have a solution for you and your employees. Instead of trying to squeeze in a car wash over the busy weekend, let us wash the cars while you and your employees work.

As long as you have at least 4 vehicles at your place of business with owners that are interested in the service, we can bring the detail shop to your office for a fraction of the cost. You and your employees will be able to put in a full day’s work and drive away in beautifully cleaned and detailed vehicles at the end of the day. It’s a win/win for you and your employees!

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of cleaning and detailing your car are numerous.

Protection from harmful UV rays. Interior trim and leather seats are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun. It can dry out and fade a vehicle’s interior surfaces without the proper care.
Prevents excess wear and tear. Dust, dirt, and spilled liquids and solids can all damage and deteriorate the interior of a vehicle. Letting any of these particles accumulate without regular cleaning can leave your car looking worn, which negatively impacts the resale and trade-in value.
Avoids health issues. Poor air quality is a common problem in motor vehicles, where inside air is recycled and recirculated. Dirt and dust carry with them allergens and other bacteria that can create an unhealthy environment. Thwart issues with low indoor air quality in your vehicle with regular cleaning and detailing.
Preserves exterior paint condition. Dirt, dust, and debris are not just harmful to a car’s interior. They can lead to tiny scratches and dings on your exterior paint when it is left unprotected. Regular car cleaning and detailing includes the removal of these offenders and the application of a generous coat of wax for a protective barrier.
Removes funky odours. Everyone loves that new car smell for a reason. It is fresh and clean. Not many blokes appreciate the stench of day-old takeaway or whatever caused the other mysterious odours floating about in your car. Professional cleaning and detailing effectively rids your automobile of unpleasant smells.
Now that we have convinced you of the perks of regular maintenance, what can you expect from a professional detailing? Jim’s Car Detailing offers customers several options when it comes to detailing their vehicles.

Custom detailing is an option many of our regular clients choose. Customers can opt for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly appointments. At each session, our team washes your car’s exterior and examines it for any signs of paint deterioration or other minor issues that can affect a car’s performance or value. Customers have the option of requesting a full interior detail with the custom package.
Interior car detailing is important, especially if you spend a lot of time inside your vehicle. The average Australian spends 90 minutes or more in their cars each day. That is a lot of time to tolerate bad smells, poor air quality, and faded interior finishes. Customers who select our interior car detailing service will not be disappointed with the results. Our team cleans every nook and cranny in our quest to get things looking (and smelling) shiny and new. Fabric seats and carpets are vacuumed and shampooed, whilst leather interiors receive a special conditioning treatment. All windows are cleaned inside and outside, the dashboard and console are scrubbed and glossed, and the interior roof lining is given a once-over.
Exterior car detailing is more than just a wash. It ensures every part of a car’s exterior surface is cleaned and shined. Jim’s Car Detailing team will gently hand wash the outside of your vehicle, using a clay bar to clean any surfaces that cannot be washed with detergents. Wheel covers and mud flaps are given special attention to ensure all dirt and grime is removed. Our team then checks over the entire exterior for signs of damage to the paint or other issues. A sealant is applied to help protect your car until its next scheduled detailing.
There is a difference between cleaning and detailing your car. Cleaning your car involves a basic exterior wash to remove dirt and other environmental debris from your car’s clear coat. Sometimes this service includes an undercarriage wash, wheel cleaning, and clear-coat protector application for an added fee.

Car detailing is more in-depth and focuses on improving your car’s resale value by helping it maintain that ‘new’ vehicle look and feel. Detailing includes washing and waxing the exterior whilst checking for any damage. It also involves vacuuming and deep cleaning the interior surfaces. This includes everything from window cleaning right down to emptying the ashtray.
When performed by a professional car detailing service like ours, the effects of detailing can last up to six months. We recommend vehicle owners consider a full interior and exterior detailing of their cars 3 to 4 times a year for the best results.
It can take as little as an hour to more than three hours to detail a car’s interior and exterior surfaces. The amount of time it takes our team is dependent on the services requested by our customers. Our team will review this information with you when you call to book your appointment.

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Our car wash cleaning service is available for clients who have a commercial contract with us. As part of your commercial contract, we offer one-off carpet cleaning appointment, or a pre-planned maintenance programme.

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